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Start Time:7/11/2023 2:00:00 PM
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Sundance is a 9 year old grade quarter horse Golden Palomino gelding that stands 15 hands tall and is stout made. Sundance is one of the prettiest palominos we’ve seen and always gets compliments wherever he goes. Cute head and neck with a big round hip and hind leg.This guy has made his living mostly as a trail horse logging lots of miles in the foothills and back country of the Rockies. He has also spent plenty of time on the ranch pushing and sorting cattle and gathering out of the mountain pastures. Has had some limited ranch roping done on him but  would think he would excel given the opportunity. He’s  very broke to ride with a good one hand neck rein.  He will lope pretty circles and is very smooth. Runs flat to the ground and has a big stop. He’ll side pass and let you open and close gates. Crosses all the water obstacles and dead fall and is good in rocky terrain. This horse will walk fast and keep those bridal reins swinging back-and-forth all day. He is good with his leads and will do lead  departures from a walk straight into a lope both directions. This is a fun horse to ride in the arena or on the outside. He walks out confidently and will go all day. He is good with his feet and stands good to shoe. This horse loads and hauls well and is used to cow dogs at his heels. Probably not a beginner or young kids horse as he can be a little nervous of new people sometimes. Has been ridden a lot by men and women and does well with a confident calm presence. This is a solid broke guy that is never offered to Buck and has all the buttons on him. You can push his hips around his shoulders or his shoulders around his hips. Works good off leg pressure and packs his head where it should be. If you think Sundance might work for you feel free to come and try him at the ranch. Guaranteed sound. Call or text Tom for more info



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